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How Reflexology works


Reflexology not only helps to treat your feet but it can stimulate the whole of your body via the 7000+ nerve endings that are housed within them.


The nerve endings, which connect directly to the rest of you body's organs, glands and other body parts, can become blocked with calcium and uric acid leaving you feeling sluggish and even out of sorts.


Reflexology uses a gentle compression technique to break up these deposits allowing normal blood and lymph flow around the body.


Check out the Foot Map

to learn more about how

reflexology works.

Where did it come from?


The Ancient Egyptians certainly knew a thing or two about the benefits of foot and hand massage but it took a while before it caught on in the West.


In fact, it has since taken a small army of medical experts, including a neurologist and physiotherapist, to rediscover how manipulation of the reflex points on our feet and hands can

directly benefit the rest

of our body.


These days there are

maps that chart which

reflex points relate to

each organ, gland or

other body part, and

we have come to

term this study as



“The human foot is

a masterpiece of

engineering and a

work of art.”

Leonardo da Vinci

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Hitchin Reflexology is a relaxing treatment that helps to

improve mood, aid sleep, relieve tension and promote a sense of

well-being. Reflexology is also a fantastic way to combat stress.


We believe in the benefits of reflexology, making the toes feel happy as well as the rest of the person attached to them; mind, body and spirit.


So whether you live in Hitchin, Stevenage, Letchworth, Stotfold, Baldock, Luton...in fact, anywhere in Herts or Beds, Hitchin Reflexology can help!


We have a range of reflexology treatments to choose from:

HOT STONE Express Reflexology Bespoke Reflexology Unwind Reflexology





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