Combined Treatment

Foot and Facial Reflexology


120 MINUTES - £90

Some things just go well together and this blissful two hour reflexology treatment is no exception. It's a rejuvenating treat with visible results right from the first appointment.

Each of the body’s systems will be stimulated through reflex points on the face, head and feet helping to eliminate tension and remove toxins from the body and skin. The first part of the treatment will include deep tissue facial massage whilst the second part will concentrate on massage and compression to both feet.  

Although not classed as a beauty treatment, facial reflexology has been likened to having a natural facelift as it encourages circulation to the skin and promotes improved skin tone by releasing muscle tension.

Foot reflexology has been found to improve mood, aid sleep and relieve tension and so together this divine combination has the power to leave busy minds contended and exhausted skin glowing. Come and enjoy some calm and quiet time.