Maternity, Labour & Post Natal 


60 MINUTES - £40

Maternity reflexology sessions can commence from the beginning of your second trimester of pregnancy (week 14) and support you emotionally and physically right up to labour.

Treatments are intended to encourage your body to relax, help manage any side effects and to create the optimum environment for your baby to develop.

In the last few weeks of your third trimester of pregnancy as your due date approaches (weeks 37-40) and for those whose babies are overdue (weeks 40+) reflexology can help to reduce anxiety in preparation for labour. 

After the birth it can be a magical time but also demanding. If you feel down in the dumps, perhaps due to breastfeeding schedules, the treadmill of baby routines, loss of sleep, postnatal depression or general tiredness and just need a bit of treasured ‘me time,’ foot reflexology is a real tonic.


- 60 MINUTES (X4) £140