Reflexology & Digestion

Hands up anyone with IBS, constipation or flatulence... hello, anyone, anyone?  I thought so...

These are just a handful of the many types of digestive disorders that we live with, often in silence. They can be really embarrassing, debilitating and uncomfortable but we just put up with them and carry on as normal.

To be well you need to have a good digestive system.

If yours is not functioning properly it could lead to you becoming deficient in certain vitamins and nutrients, which in turn weakens your immune system – meaning you get ill a lot.


Often, it's stress that's to blame as blood diverts away from this system when you are in fight or flight mode.

Reflexology can help you to relax. We will work on the corresponding stomach, intestines and colon reflex points which function to help remove waste products from the body

Massage helps to improve blood and lymph flow through your body. This in turn helps the good stuff absorb more effectively leaving your organs properly nourished (assuming you are eating and drinking the right stuff in the first place of course)!