Reflexology & Fertility & Pre-conception

Unexplained infertility (no medical reason for being unable to conceive) is one of the most common medical diagnosis I see amongst my clients but I also see couples at various stages of their fertility journey including just setting out, before seeing the GP for the first time, during initial and extensive fertility testing, whilst taking fertility drugs and at certain points during IVF and IUI treatment.


During a course of foot reflexology we will look at you in a holistic light – this includes nutrition and lifestyle, fertility tracking and identifying whether you have any vices that could be causing obstacles, allowing you to take back a bit of control. As well as working reflexes associated with the reproductive system, stress and hormone points will also be targeted as a focus for your treatment.

If you want to fall pregnant then it will benefit if you are relaxed, stress free and happy because the emotional and physical pressures of a fertility journey can be immense, whether from ourselves, medical practitioners, family, friends or partners. The aim of reflexology during this time is to get you in the best place possible to fall pregnant and to carry your baby to full term.