Reflexology & Skin

If your bathroom cabinet resembles something like this and everything you've tried so far isn't making the slightest bit of difference to your skin, perhaps it's time to think more holistically. Skin is the largest organ we have and it exists to protect us. So if your surface seems a bit out of sorts then it's likely that something underneath is to blame.


Reflexology sessions can help focus on the factors contributing to the condition of your skin and to target specific parts of your body to help bring it back into balance.

To give you an idea, if you have psoriasis, stress could be to blame so we can use reflexology to work out a relaxation plan and even focus on the reflex points which are said to correspond to your exhausted kidney adrenals.

Or maybe you are fed up with having acne and trying to cover it up? We can use the sessions to try and rebalance your hormones using the relevant reflex points.

Whatever your skin complaint it really is worth remembering that true beauty does start from within.