Reflexology & Sleep

Looking at the clock, staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning, head buzzing with thoughts....insomnia is no fun. 

One thing is for sure, reflexology has an amazing ability to help with sleep. After a few sessions, many clients will nod off during their treatment. The majority of my clients also say that they sleep deeper after a treatment.

Who can say for sure how this works but it is believed that by stimulating the corresponding hypothalamus and pituitary gland reflex points on the feet, sleep patterns can be brought back into balance.


If this all seems simply too much to believe then it could just be that the treatments get you in the mood for the land of nod through total relaxation!

Reflexology has a wonderful ability to give you what you need so if you are unable to get to sleep or stay asleep then try a course. Get your pillows plumped up ready....