Reflexology & Stress

It’s official that stress is bad for us. OK, a little bit of stress can be fine now and then, but when it leads to distress we have to do something about it.

When we are stressed we are in a state of fighting or running away and that uses up a whole heap of energy. It’s no wonder then that if it goes on for too long, we can become physically and mentally unwell.

For example, stress causes our kidney adrenals to pour out cortisone to reduce any pain from the fighting, which in large doses is toxic to the brain. Over time, this can lead to depression and memory loss.

Also, our liver pours out glucose to use as energy so that our muscles can carry us away from the trouble, but excess glucose can stay in our blood stream and lead to diabetes.


Need I go on...?  It is important to reduce stress wherever possible.

Reflexology is great for helping you to just relax and have a little bit of time out from the daily grind. During a treatment we can focus on the reflex points which are said to correspond to the body’s nervous and endocrine systems, which together have control over your nerves and hormones.

We can also target the reflex points for your entire spinal cord which has responsibility for relaying messages to and from your brain, your thyroid which controls your energy levels and your diaphragm which helps with breathing.