What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-invasive, natural, relaxing and enjoyable form of pressure therapy which is great for everyone. It involves massage and compression being applied to the reflex points on your feet, hands or face.

These points make up a mini-map of the whole of your body including each organ, gland and body part. During reflexology you can tell exactly which reflex points feel out of balance and which parts of your body they relate to. The point of the treatment is to tease out blockages, thus returning your body to its optimum condition.

What is it NOT?

It is not a cure or alternative to medical opinion but it can complement it. Where you have a health concern reflexology is best used alongside conventional medicine. The point is that when you feel relaxed and rested the body begins to heal itself and return to homeostasis (equilibrium). Reflexology can help to kick start this journey as it is deeply relaxing.

On the other hand, you needn’t be unwell to have reflexology. It is just as beneficial to have treatments to strengthen the body and mind and prevent the rise of stress within.


How did reflexology come about?

The Ancient Egyptians certainly knew a thing or two about the benefits of foot and hand massage but it took a while before it caught on in the West. 

In fact, it has since taken a small army of medical experts, including a neurologist and physiotherapist, to rediscover how manipulation of the reflex points on our feet, hands and face can directly benefit the rest of our body (now known as zone therapy).