What to expect from reflexology

Your first appointment will include a confidential consultation to discuss your health, medical background and lifestyle. After cleansing the feet, a number of techniques will be used to apply massage and compression to the reflex points using organic cream or oil. 


You can choose to sleep if you wish and there will be relaxing music in the background to help you switch off. After the treatment I will let you know which reflex points felt sensitive and which parts of the body they relate to. It is a good idea to wear warm, loose fitting clothes so that you feel comfortable, and you will only need to remove your shoes and socks during the treatment! Please don’t worry if you have ticklish feet as the pressure applied is firm. 

How might I feel during my treatment?

You are likely to feel wonderfully comfortable and relaxed and it is not at all uncommon to nod off! Due to the relaxing nature of reflexology, treatments can help to alleviate tension, boost mood and create a sense of wellbeing. Your body is encouraged to switch off and this peaceful time allows you to reflect on how you really feel inside and recuperate.

However, there are times when you might feel sensitive and this could lead to feeling chilly, faint, restless, shaky or even nauseous. Remember, any negative feelings you experience are usually only temporary and will subside quickly.

How might I feel after my treatment?

You are most likely to feel very relaxed, grounded and rebalanced. You may also need to go home and have a nap. It is sometimes possible to have what is known as a healing reaction. This should be viewed as positive as it’s your body releasing unwanted toxins, feelings and stagnant energy.


How many treatments should I have?

It depends on your needs. We can discuss this during your first appointment. A state of deep relaxation can be obtained with just one session and maintained with weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. Treatment plans for specific conditions will vary, for example some clients will be advised to come weekly for 4-6 treatments then once a month. Please note that 'treatment plan' refers to a suggested number of treatments - not a financial commitment. Each appointment is booked when you wish and can be rescheduled or cancelled at any time.