Foot Reflexology



Want to try reflexology but feeling a bit unsure or perhaps just strapped for time? This treatment is a little slice of luxury for busy people or those who just want a taste of reflexology (think dipping your toe rather than diving right in). 

It’s a great way to wind down after work or play and is designed to target your key stress reflex points in just 30 minutes.


UNWIND - 60 minutes - £40

Step off the rollercoaster for a while and have a one hour reflexology treatment. Modern life is hectic and it’s not uncommon for the pressure to sneak up on us.

When the body and mind start to blip it can seem like it’s come out of the blue, whether the head starts to buzz or pound, sleep becomes tricky or perhaps the tummy protests about the hours we’re keeping. The body is simply telling us that we’re feeling slightly unhinged and need to do something about it before we slide off the scale. 

ThIs treatment will root out any tension and restore a sense of balance and wellbeing so that you’re ready to get up and go once again.




If you’ve had a prolonged period of turbulence or are in free-fall following deeply stressful events then you need an extended reflexology experience to break the spell.

When stressed we are in a state of fighting or running, both of which use up our energy. It’s no wonder that when pressure continues for too long, we can become physically and mentally unwell.

This longer 90 minute appointment will induce a deeper state of relaxation literally bringing you back to life and allowing the extra time you need to switch off and promote your repair, come and recuperate with reflexology.